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Hello Fellow Readers,

Today's video is a makeup tutorial using the Marc Jacobs Night Owl Palette, this style eye-con palette contains beautiful shades like a true Aztec gold, a mermaid turquoise blue, soft beige gold, as well as your typical neutral shades like dark brown, cream and a midnight black shade.... Oh and did I mention a gorgeous deep taupe plum shade, that's fairly unique.
All in all this palette is a lovely "night" appropriate palette giving you easy to create looks for a night out on the town or for going on a date. But I've personally never lived by the limitations of any palette, so if you wanna rock that smokey eye during the daylight hours.... then you do you!

As I mentioned in the tutorial please note these shades are a little harder to work with, don't let that worry you I only mean to say that you'll have to do a little extra blending. Their not as creamy and easy to blend as many of the other palettes we have come to use and love as the eyeshadows do have a "stiffness" about them but don't lack in the area of pigmentation. And any fall out when applying these shades is very little, which is good.

If your interested in getting the look I created using this palette in an easy step by step guide, then please click the direct link:

Thank you for your time!
Until my next post,
Erica xo


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