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Hello Fellow Readers,

Ah! there is nothing quite like cake face right?? I am only joking! 
But seriously a full face of a makeup doesn't have to feel or look like "cake face" if you know what you're doing. Now I personally love a full coverage foundation all the time as, it gives you the option to make your base look like skin using only an amount that would mean light to medium coverage or you can go all out and wipe the slate clean and give yourself that barbie winning skin.

If you have more oily skin these techniques will work for you too as well if you have drier skin, a little tip just incase powder scares you due to having dry skin.... a hydrating setting spray is your answer as your last added step to this tutorial.

If your interesting in learning how to create the perfect base and learn a few of my tips along the way then please click on the direct video link:

BEFORE                                           AFTER   

Thank you for your time!
until my next post,
Erica xo


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