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Hello Fellow Readers!

So here I am just to update my blog readers (you guys) on the high-points of this past month video wise of the content I created that I love to just share with you all. Now if your subscribed to my YouTube channel then you might know that I am very active on YouTube - posting new videos every week and about 3 new videos to be exacted in a week.

But I wanted to give a quick round-up of 5 videos that I think you may be interested in,  if you’ve missed them in your subscription feed or if your just overwhelmed by what to watch next then maybe my 5 favourite videos I have uploaded this month is a place to start.

Where to start tho! well…. for the 1st time "I wasn't late to the party" meaning I was in the “hype time” to review something this was a little exciting for me not gonna lie as this almost never happens for me as I live outside the U.S. and product launches are often later!

If you're wondering what I'm hinting about, I am naturally taking about the Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, Yes this launched around the world I believe on the same day.... amazing! I did go out and I purchased 3 products myself putting them to the test for a week and then gave my thoughts and my demo of application in my review video….  so if your not tired yet of hearing about Fenty Beauty as it is VERY hyped and around at the moment, then please do check out my video review on it:

Next up we have Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette… oh! too early on this one too! right well I have reviewed this also with a tutorial included in the video and all I will say here is I have a different option on this palette that was so brutally shamed by so many! if your interested on my personal take, then please do watch my review here:

Ok! your still here reading… great.. Thanks!
So on to the next video I really enjoyed filming and uploading this one. I had made it my mission to compare makeup sponges seeing which one worked better etc, and so my makeup sponge showdown videos was born… ever still wondering if you can dupe out the BeautyBlender, well a girl can try right?… I took it upon myself to test out 3 sponges vs the BeautyBlender…. found out the results here:

Nothing quite like a smokey eye that resembles fall or autumn depending on how you pronounce this season well if you know me well enough then you know I live in the southern hemisphere so it’s spring where I live at the moment and boy! on a side note… ALLERGIES are terrible! But not to sidetrack this post with my woes of those seasonal symptoms. I love looking after my American, Canadian and European subscribers so I created a makeup look using warm, toasty and ember shades in a recent tutorial, watch it here:

And last but not least for my 5th pick I love empties and especially as it means for me and my channel that Mr. Froggy makes an appearance. Catch up on all the things I used up. And what I did repurchase and what I didn’t. Watch this video here:

So that was my blog post for today, thank you so much for your time and hopefully you will enjoy the video links I’ve given on content I enjoyed bringing to you all this past month.

Until next time,
Hugs Erica x


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