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What's NEW!!! AND What's Happening!!!

Hello Fellow Readers,

So I finally got around to my blog to say however late this might actually be Happy New Year! My apologies for being so late in wishing that to you all here, but I do hope that 1st 6 weeks of 2018 has been great to you all.

Okay, well as always I have been very busy on my YouTube channel where I am always busy really... and somethings have changed if you haven't seen any of my new videos from this year yet... so let me catch you up to speed just a little.

1st up I moved my room around (yes for the 10th time!) resulting in a pretty background for my videos this year, secondly I have ditched the "YouTuber Beauty" bright spot lights and opted for a much softer lighting. And it's made filming a joy again for me as the bright lights I had for years gave me horrible headaches they were that bright it was a little overwhelming some days. So I have chosen for a more "classic" lighting approach and it comes across nicely in my videos.

Next chan…