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All About ME

I'm Erica also known better as Alwayscosmeticjunkie on YouTube.

I'm a Pro MUA and makeup enthusiast that decided to make YouTube videos!.
I upload a new video every Wednesday with the odd extra one randomly here & there. My uploads range from makeup tutorials, reviews, monthly favorites and girly chat videos about life and beauty. 

Thank you in advance if you decide to stop by my channel. 
Hugs, Erica xo

P.S. Stay beautiful. And Thank You for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful day!.


  1. Lovely Erica, can you do me 2 huge favors please? One is can you please update yr video on undertones? I look great in gold jewelry, far prefer it to silver and I have medium skin tone. Probably I am a warm-toned but why do I always like pinker lipsticks and even pink toned blush? I look best in deep jewel tone colors. I am all at sea as to yr comments in the first video about undertones changing, aagh! It's fine tho to play around with makeup and 'change' it isnt it?? -- The other favor is one I have asked every youtuber I sub to about and not one has ever answered nor posted a video on it. The order of application...As we get older or even just want to keep our skin in good shape we use serums, sunscreen, moisturizer, foundation, blush, wait primer, concealer, then the pretty stuff like e/s, liner, then maybe liquid liner too, mascara and perhaps also false lashes, gulp lol, eyebrow stuff - YIKES!! What order do I apply all this stuff in and are all necessary, oh wait setting powder, finishing sprays. I'm amazed any of us have skin that breathes at all lol! I am asking you bc you are in my heart as my fave bc you Actually reply to people. I deleted a very well-known ytuber w/well under 1 million subbies bc I was with her for 7 years and she never answered one comment yet did many others. Love you and thanks if you do these, understand if you dont. ~~ Thank you from psychicoutlaw whose real first name is Chanel, thank you Mom lol!! PS> Please send any answer to, I cant get into the siriustraveller acct. THANKS!!


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