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Here I answer the most common questions I get asked?!.

What camera do you use for filming & Taking Pictures?
I use the Panasonic HC-V250 FULL HD Camcorder for filming my video's & for taking my photo's I use the Nikon CoolPix L840 HD

What do you use to edit your video's?
I use iMovie to edit all my beauty video's since 2013. Before that I used Pinnacle editing software on my old Windows computer.

Where did you get your Makeup Training?
I was totally self-taught from off the age of 13, heaps of practice and a passion for makeup from off a young age. but since my earlier years I have attended makeup seminars and I have done a professional makeup course (Beauty School) at age 18/19. 

Why do you have so many different styles of video's/ Makeup Tutorials?
I believe that Beauty & Makeup is for all, so from darker looks to lighter or natural looks. I like to do my best and represent all types over the years. 

I love your accent, where were you born?
I was born in Holland, so my accent is dutch. I have moved SO much in my life time up till now that I think I have picked up a little bit here & a little there :-)

Are you sponsored? 
NO. I'm not sponsored or affiliated with any Beauty/Makeup companies. I made the choice to not take sponsorship offers and do it on my own. So everything I do on my channel is from my own money, I buy everything myself so theirs never a paid for "ad video" on my YouTube channel. 

Any Help or Suggestions for Starting on YT?  (YouTube)
I have plenty follow the link to the Blog post I wrote on it -

When did makeup become your passion?
I would have to say I have always liked makeup as a little girl. But I remember getting my first makeup palette at the age of 12 & then at 16 bought a lot more makeup from the drugstores. My first brand I really branched out in was Maybelline and Rimmel & from there it has been makeup brands after makeup brands .... hence why I'm now known as Alwayscosmeticjunkie.

We see in some of video's that you own Cats, How many do you Have?
I have 4 cats, and I love all of them SO SO much forever.

What is you fashion style?
Casual, Girly to Stylish and then also lots of printed tees of my favorite things and characters - geeky fashion if you will I love that <3


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